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indexing set

subscript, index, indices, indexed by, double indices, multiple indices
index set
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03E99 no label found


My main concerns about the entry ``indexing set'' are the following:

MSC: I would imaging that this entry could fall under many MSC's. If you know of any, please add them.

uses for indexing sets: If you can think of more ways that indexing sets are used, please add them.

Changes elsewhere in the entry are not as essential to me but of course are welcome. I would not have made the entry world-editable otherwise. On the other hand, unlike my other world-editable objects, I will probably only have this object as world-editable for a limited time. So, if you want to put your two cents in, now is the time!


The expression "s_\lambda" is usually understood to be a stylistic variant of "s(\lambda)". How are you interpreting it so as to make sense of "This notation means that, if a surjection $f$ were explicitly defined, then $f(\lambda)=s_\lambda$ for every $\lambda \in \Lambda$"?

My interpretation probably comes from the fact that I have never had subscripts explained to me that way before. Your explanation makes a lot of sense! I will edit the object accordingly. Thanks.

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