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Latex it all?

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Latex it all?


Hi, i've just registered on this site!

I clicked on some posts (that appear on the most recent post list), and noticed a conversation about two people regarding some formula.

On those posts, i couldn't read most of what was written, it was as if they were coding their symbols!

So? Are you supposed to copy paste every post you read here, and compile it in latex?
Or just those that involve mathematics?

Thanks in advance!

Articles posted in the encyclopedia must be Latex-coded if they involve mathematics. But when people post messages here, in the fora, they generally don't use Latex. Sometimes, people use Latex coding just to be clear, so for example I might write \sum_{i=1}^n in a message just to be clear what I mean. But in general posts should be readable without being processed by Latex. In fact, posts *are* text, not Latex output.

Hope that's clear; if not, ask more questions. Welcome to the site.


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