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Asteroid Bulletin (New Series) for Monday, September 28, 200...

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Asteroid Bulletin (New Series) for Monday, September 28, 200...


In a somewhat PlanetMath-minded vein I did some networking
at this event I went to at Harvard:


I met one of the board members of Wikimedia (S.J.) and I
re-met one of the board members of FSF (Mako). I'm all
the closer to being in their loop.

S.J. pointed out that Wikimedia is doing a big planning
thing this year:


and gave kudos to PlanetMath for being a very "synergistic
project". I told him I have quite a bit of experience with
strategic plans for PlanetMath and would like to see what
I can add to further synergy.

I also met Yochai Benkler (who was on the panel) and told
him about the paper Aaron and I wrote about Commons-Based
Peer Production :). Oh yeah, and I briefly met someone from
Canada's IDRC (the event's sponsor) who specializes in "Information
and Communication Technologies for Development". I started to
give him a little elevator speech about PM but he had to
run off to take care of his baby... but he gave me his
card and I followed up by email.

Getting through in the "outward communication" department
can be difficult. It was easier to pick up a free CD that the IDRC
people were giving out with many ebooks on it, including a
copy of this:


The title of which is "Organizational Assessment: A
Framework for Improving Performance". I think it would be
worth everyone interested in the PM org taking a look
through that thing. It seems to me this type of thinking
isn't just for "therapeutic interventions" but should be
in fact be part of our operating mentality...

Joe Corneli,


Our Q3 Board Meeting will be held on
Tuesday the 29th of September, 9PM Eastern.

Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-6333 (Midwest)
Participant Access Code 173949#

As a backup or alternate mode of communication for those not
in the US or anyone who can't get to a phone, someone will be on
IRC at, #planetmath to act as a relay.

(Further details at

"discussion" - I talked with Aaron about the email bridge
and the membership system, also about the new editorial
features. A theme for all of these things is to "roll out
things we've already built". My next step with the
editorial stuff is to confer with James, Chi, Roger and
Aaron to try to discern what the use cases of the New
Features are, so we can start to test them.

"a system for official communications" - I suggested
coding emails with "COMMENT REQUESTED" and "COMMENT
REQUIRED" in their subject lines, but I don't know if
others like this method or not.

(A weekly reminder!

President's tasks

* Make sure snapshots are being made right.
* Supervise various programming tasks (below); coordinate with
participating organizations. [ONGOING]

Programmer's tasks

* implement new template system (coordinating with Pitman,
Springer) [ONGOING]
* provide support for testing of editorial/content committee features

Admin's tasks

* Assist with the next board meeting.
* Co-author documentation of PM organization.
* Lead revision of our survey of metacommons-related projects in
math and find a suitable venue for publication as part of our PR
strategy (see Surveying the Math Metacommons).
* Maintain this tasklist and an overall organizational roadmap
(the latter at PlanetMath Admin). Assist other members of the
organization in creating their own roadmaps.
* Figure out what's going on with the "email integration" feature
that was developed some time ago.

Board tasks

* Look for funding sources.

R.S.P.'s tasks

* Co-author documentation of PM organization

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