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Math History: another historical link

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Math History: another historical link


In fact this is an answer to the request

> I would like to receive some good links about
> History of Mathematics, except st. Andrews university that
> I already have.

which was posted to;id=7006

But since we have a new forum devoted entirely to Math History I decided to post the link here:

The whole site seems quite interesting, but I have no idea who makes it, and the "about" link is missing there. Does anyone knows some background for it?

knowledge can become a science
only with a help of mathematics

Personal blogs are increasingly becoming important
in documenting aspects of the Math History. Concerning
Egyptian arithmetic, dating to 2,000 BCE, three of my blogs:

show previously vaguely reported texts, Akhmim Wooden
Tablet, and related texts, the RMP and the medical
texts (that contain 2,000 medical prescriptions dating
to 1,500 BCE) that contain under reported segments, one
being the oldest known form of remainder arithmetic.

Best Regards to all,

Milo Gardner

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