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minor terminology

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minor terminology

The notation $[x]$ is usually used for integer part, not floor. Since you're dealing only with nonnegative values of x, perhaps it doesn't matter, but $[x]$ and $\lfloor x\rfloor$ can take on different values if x is negative.

Parting words from the person who closed the correction: 
I chose to use the notation $[x]$ because it matches the entry that I am citing: Formulae for zeta in the critical strip. I want the notation in these two entries to match. If you can convince mathcam to edit his object in the manner that you suggested,
Status: Rejected
Reference to the user who closed the correction.: 
Reference to the article this correction is about: 
Status of the article (was it accepted?): 
Status of the article (is it closed?): 
What kind of correction is this: 


Sorry, I wasn't clear. I intended to ask you to change the term, not the notation.

I did change that; however, I am not entirely happy that the explanation of the notation $[x]$ in my entry and mathcam's "Formulae for zeta in the critical strip" do not match. Perhaps you should file a similar correction to that entry?

I notice that there is not currently an entry on integer part. There are entries on both floor and ceiling (and both contain a warning that they're distinct from integer part). I think I'll add an entry defining $[x]$ (and $\{x\}$, the fractional part).

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