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report spam button?

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report spam button?

I just noticed the "article" and I would have liked to report it as spam. I think that for a site like having spam is a sign of success. But I also think that something should be done about such posts.

Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to flag posts as spam by a link in the "interact" box on the right?

BTW, what is's spam policy?

I looked a bit further at the user jacou who posted the article, and his articles are an interesting mix of spam and math, I wonder what happened there.

A few months back, when this advertisement popped up on the new site, I deleted it there and, now that it has appeared here, I deleted it here as well.

In a nutshell, the policy on spam is that it is not allowed and will be removed.

As for your sugggestion about spam button, I agree. A few weeks back, in one of our planning sessions, Joe and I identified that as a feature to be implemented. In addition, when we rewrite the user documentation, the policy on spam and the like will be spelt out there.

However, given that it’s only a handful of us working in our spare time, it will likely be some time before all this happens. In the meanwhile, I will continue as I have been doing, monitoring new submissions as they come in and taking appropriate action when inappropriate content appears.

While PM gets its share of spam just like every other website. that share has been tiny — based on the last 10 years of experience, maybe a dozen spam items a year. Apparently, having to register in order to post on the site is enough to make it not worthwhile for the vast majority of spammers. Thus, handling things on an ad hoc basis is fine for the time being and implementing mechanisms against spam is currently a low priority.

jacou = JAC OU – Joseph A. Corneli, OU

I assigned all of the artices and other nodes that didn’t have any “owner” in the database to this alternate user. These were nodes that had been created by users who didn’t have a positive score on the old site, and hence, who didn’t make the jump to the new site. I was planning to orphan the math articles and delete the spam articles, but hadn’t gotten around to that yet.

On a technical level, I think flag-as-spam will be one of the “official” tags that we create when we add a tagging mechanism. This will make it easier for site moderators to review spammy posts in a “batch”.

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Ah, that explains the interesting mix of interests. Well done.

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