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Posting drafts of research on PlanetMath

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Posting drafts of research on PlanetMath

I suggest to add new content type (maybe called "draft") for PM to be used to post drafts of research in the middle.

Earlier I've started a special wiki site for this:

But meanwhile while math formatting does not work well with current software, I got the simple but not trivial idea to consider to use for this instead of a separate site.

Will you extend PM to make sense to posts (interlinked) rough drafts and partial proofs as a special content type?

I think this is a good idea. The only thing to note is to clearly mark drafts as "drafts" and it will be OK intergrated in the current PM interlinks.

We should also decide what to do with old drafts when the problems outlined in a draft get solved.

Should drafts be deleted in this case or retained "for history"?

An option is to add "solved/gone" checkbox when editing a draft.

To implement this idea, we additionally need posting unpublished (not yet peer reviewed) research articles, because the above mentioned "drafts" may refer to definitions or theorems which are not yet published.

This can be done adding new "Major section" say "Unpublished research". Or we may add "passed peer review" checkbox for "Research" section.

Well, we may also implement "drafts" as a new "Major section" instead of new content type as I proposed above. Let's discuss: Should we implement drafts as a new content type or just new major section in an existing content type.

Hi porton:

I think it's fine to post work-in-progress either to the Research or Collaboration section, but just as you say, we would ideally have some way to indicate the level of completeness of the research. Actually, the PlanetMath board devised a fairly detailed system of ``standard tags'' that would complement the existing sections (Research, Reference, Education, etc.), and which would cover this dimension. In particular, there's a set of ``lifecycle'' tags (proto, evolving, complete, mature). The standard tags will need some refining (e.g., add ``passed peer review''), but

The set of proposed standard tags are described in this PDF. That would be supplemented by free-form tags. I think this should be doable relatively soon, and I'll prioritize it!

The issue is noted, broadly, in Issue #49 in the Planetary tracker. If possible, I'll aim to get to this next week. In the mean time, feel free to post works-in-progress, even un-tagged -- we can add the tags later.

So which of two sections "Research" or "Collaboration" should I place such things as a partial proof (not knowing whether it can be proved at all, but having hope)?

“Research” seems fine, you could change it to “Collaboration” later if you want to add co-authors.

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