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Hyperlinking and child articles do not work

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Hyperlinking and child articles do not work

I first created this research collaboration:

Afterward I created its child node:

There are two bugs here:

1. the string "Cross-composition product of an indexed family of funcoids is a pointfree funcoid" in the parent article hasn't become a hyperlink as it should.

2. In the parent article there are no list of child (attachment) articles.

Hi porton:

Parent/child links are both there, please look again. Maybe confusing because the link to the parent shows up at the bottom of the article, whereas the link to the child article shows up in the right margin. Should I change this?

As for the automatic hyperlinking: you’re correct, new articles aren’t being indexed by the autolinker right now. Fixing this is a priority but I’m not sure when we will have it ready. It may be a while…

Yes, it is probably confusing that parent and child links are shown in different places. If I voted, I would vote to show both alike at the bottom.

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