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The font is too small

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The font is too small

The font of math formulas is too small by default (Firefox 16.0.2 on Debian Linux). Please increase it.

I bumped the CSS for math expressions up to 110% of the standard font. I think this looks good. Do you agree?

In my opinion, yet too small.

Dear porton:

Can you send me a screenshot showing how this looks to you?

AtsuperscriptAsubscripttA^{{\partial_{t}}}, BωωsubscriptBsubscriptωωB_{{\omega_{{\omega}}}}, C(3+2i)superscriptC32iC^{{\Re(3+2i)}}, and ln(π)π\ln(\pi), also


Maybe your browser has some other configuration that makes it look different from mine?

See the image:

And yes, I think bigger would be better.

In my Debian Linux Firefox 16.0.2 I have Times New Roman 16 as the default font. 16 is pretty big.

Thanks for uploading your example! Mine definitely looks different:

I’ll ask for some tips about this on the LaTeXML mailing list, but basically, if you’re setting some custom font as the default, then it might not play well with what PlanetMath serves. (Indeed, PlanetMath should be serving better math fonts, but I think the new 110% setting is plenty large.)

I’ve changed the CSS for the site so that math is set up with a special font:

math {
   font-family: Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;

If that doesn’t give you something you like, the one other hing I’d suggest is to check the setting “Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above” in Firefox.

Fonts have increased in size. This is OK.

But now math is written in sans-serif fonts. LaTeX math was always in serif fonts. So I consider sans-serif fonts a bug.

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