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How to inform about new research results?

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How to inform about new research results?

I've recently created this page describing my current research status about certain conjecture I proposed:

I've edited this article several times (and added two new lemmas, with proofs).

It would be a good thing to loudly inform others which participate in the research about changes, new results, and other news about the research.

Certainly we can use blogs, but I feel that this is sub-optimal. We should invent how to report about how a research is going on on PlanetMath itself, not resorting to third-party blogs. Any ideas? The first thing which comes to my mind is to make blogs on PM, but I feel this is suboptimal. We need to invent some additional features for blogs on research on PlanetMath.

There are different things we could do here.

  1. 1.

    We could make better use of RSS feeds. There’s an RSS feed per entry, but it only indexes the comments, not the edits. (Look at the bottom of that page and you’ll find, which is currently empty.)

  2. 2.

    We could send email to anyone is a collaborator on the document whenever it changes. That would be relatively easy to set up (but still up to you to find the collaborators).

  3. 3.

    We could send email to everyone who has edited an article in the same MSC class, or find some other way to notify them – again, an RSS feed might be better than an email…

  4. 4.

    … or, perhaps better still, a special purpose forum, per MSC code, with both email subscription options and RSS options. If every forum was also a mailing list, people could read and reply by email. Personally, this is my favorite idea.

Adding personal blogs is a good idea too, but you’re right that we can invent our own techniques that make PlanetMath much more powerful than a blog.

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