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Repeated bug report

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Repeated bug report

I repeat my book report which was ignored:

”unlord” changed math font display to serif. It is a bug, LaTeX formulas must be displayed in serif.

I don’t think it’s a “bug” – maybe an aesthetic difference of opinion! I find that the new font is quite readable. Others have yet to express an opinion so I’m going to leave it like this for now.

In terms of what’s conventional and what’s workable here, I’d quote the title of Michael J. Barany’s paper:

«[B]ut this is blog maths and we’re free to make up conventions as we go along’: Polymath1 and the Modalities of ‘Massively Collaborative Mathematics’»

The one place where I personally do not like the current font is that “ππ\pi” and “nnn” might look too similar. But everything else seems nice and clear. Also, primes print well, as in x′′′superscriptx′′′x^{{\prime\prime\prime}}, and that wasn’t the case with the other font.

I’m definitely open to concrete proposals about a better font, but I don’t think “serif” is going to immediately solve all of our typesetting problems.

PS. I wasn’t ignoring your bug report, just didn’t have time until now to explain my views on the matter!

Of course the pi letter must not be so similar to the Latin n!

Also the Greek letter nu looks too similar to the English letter v.

Let’s collect the font issues here, with examples: vvv, νν\nu… I’ll keep my eyes out for good solutions.

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