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First example of a solved problem

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First example of a solved problem

Hello, I've made an initial attempt [1] to compose something like a problem solved by Maxima. Nothing surprising there, just a progress report. The content is just a placeholder.

A few questions.

* How can I attach a file to that page? I'd like to attach the program from which it was generated.

* Trying to get PDF version provokes an error message: The requested page "/sites/default/files/texpdf/88010.pdf" could not be found.

* When working on drafts of the initial revision, I got several errors messages about objects not found and trying to flip something which is not a string or integer. However, now that I've saved it, I don't get those errors anymore. I wonder what's going on there.

Thanks for your help! The results are encouraging.


Robert Dodier


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