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Search not working. How can I find an item?

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Search not working. How can I find an item?


It has been several months since I have been able to perform a successful search at your site. The fact that I have not been able to find articles either by searching, nor by MSC has rendered (at least for me) practically unusable.

In your home page, I see that new articles are being contributed regularly. This makes me wonder: Is there a way to sidestep the search problem? Is there am alternative way to get to an article (say, ”Pascal’s formula”, or ”Pascal’s rule”)? Is there an alternative way of reaching articles under MSC 05A10?

Thanks in advance.

When we carry out the following operations we get a quotient which is a Gaussian integer: a)((21+i)^20-1)/21 b)((21+i)^(21-i)-1)/21 c)((21+i)^(21-i)-i/21 and d)((341+i)^340-1)/341 Note that a) 341 is also a pseudoprimePlanetmathPlanetmath in k(1) and b) i is also one of the unities in k(i).

I have written many messages (posts ). However I do not know how many read my messages. Perhaps rspuzio will consider setting up software to enable viewership.

On the lines of definition of co-primality in k(1) (ref: An introduction to the theory of numbers by Hardy and Wright ) co-primality in k(i) is defined as follows: Let a and b be two Gaussian integers in k(i). Then if (a,b ) = 1 or i then a and b are co-prime.

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