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primitive element of biquadratic field

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In this entry, in html mode, the last set of centered equations are shifted quite far to the right. In page images mode, it displays the way I want it to (i.e., no shift to the right). Any ideas how to make the html look better without wrecking how the entry looks in page images mode?


There must be something weird going on. Look at the stub entry PrescisiveAbstraction that I just now used as a sandbox. Also, the system seems really slow tonight.

Jon Awbrey

Try \begin{equation} ... \end{equation}

Thanks for the suggestion Chi. Unfortunately, it did not work. In case anyone wants to know, this is the workaround I used:


I used to use the array and center environments together a lot, but got out of the habit since the align environment centers and converts to math mode without the use of dollar signs; moreover, the align environment has an extra benefit in that I do not have to add displaystyles as often. Unfortunately, due to the weird shift, array is better in this particular scenario.


> Also, the system seems really slow tonight.

Jon Awbrey said this yesterday. I noticed a problem with the speed yesterday morning, and the system seems to be even slower now. Does anyone have any idea what is going on???

I noticed the slowdown too.. but not sure why.

I see that our source pages are now in color -- maybe the little colorizing gremlins have only one box of crayons. JA

At least on my end, it seems that the culprit that is slowing down the system is the Google ads! Now, when I am going to a page on PM, most of it appears almost instantly, but the page is still loading, and the only thing missing is the Google ad (the upper-right hand corner is blank).

It may be that Google has to search rather far and wide to Taylor its ads to our special needs. For some odd reason, whose critique I omit, I always seem to get the ones for Fool-Proof Weight-Loss Rules and Degrees in Public Relations. JA

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