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range voting

approval voting, single-digit range voting, two-digit range voting
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Speculations about "societal improvement" and endorsements of a nonprofit center have no place in the main body of a mathematics article. It would be appropriate remove most of this, possibly leaving a footnote giving a link to the Center for Range Voting for applied information, for those who are interested.

Also, you should really put up entries for alternative systems, so at least readers can understand them as well as the one you are advocating.


I've modified the RV article now.

It was not a "speculation" it was a "theorem" basically.
(A lot of people have trouble with the idea this can be a theorem.
They cannot believe it. But that is not my problem, it is their's.)

I changed some stuff to footnotesize but did not
make footnotes since they don't seem to work for online viewing.

I can't write Bourbaki so I don't think I'm going
to do other voting systems for PM, but conceivably I will.

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