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Schwarz and Poisson formulas

Schwarz formula, Poisson formula
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Hello all,
I have opened my entry so that any PM people feels free to make the corrections that consider advisable. I'll specially thank CWoo(*) and Mathprof(**) to include their suggestions. Thanks in advance!

(*)>Hi, please add the two terms "Schwarz formula" and "Poisson formula" in the also defines box, in case people want to search only one or the other term.
Could you arrange that? I don't understand well your idea. (If you will do, please accept the correction when you save the changes)

(**)>Also can you add a definition for "bidimensional problem"?
I think that you are not refering to change ``bidimensional'' by ``two-dimensional''(I did it though!), but to give a ``two-dimensional problem'' definition. Unfortunately that question is not so easy to make it in my entry. Why? Because physical considerations it could be different (and in fact, they it are!) for electrodynamics, hydrodynamics or elastostatic, even in the latter ``plane strain'' and ``plane stress'' differs! (Perhaps I'll write soon the entries ``Airy's stress function'' and ``general solution of biharmonic equation'', and you will realize of which I am saying).

I took the liberty of taking care of the correction that CWoo filed, and I also fixed some grammar and linking issues that I found. Also, the formulas provided seem to be fully justified within the article, so I checked the "contains own proof" box. We have too many things on the "unproven" list as is. :-)

Speaking of which, shouldn't we try to go through the "unproven" list and clean it out by proving some stuff? I've tried to do that as much as possible, but the number of items there keeps growing.


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